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My Story

Engage in a unique way of journaling with sentence starters and idea stimulators to help you to express yourself.  All of us, if we live long enough, go through many changes and challenges.  And of course each change brings its own set of stresses, be they emotional, physical, psychological, sleep and or diet related.


Research has shown that writing down one’s thoughts can be very therapeutic in relieving stress and thus encourage the healing process.


Life is filled with colorful events.  Make it so much more interesting by putting it on paper!  So try a GERRI’S JOURNAL and start living your life with passion.

• A Health Challenge

• A Memorable Birthday

• A Family Event

• Adopting A Baby/Child


• A Traumatizing Experience

• Behavior Modification

• Accepting A New Sibling

• Adjusting To A New School

* Also workshop presentations and writing classes can be scheduled . . .

• A Marriage

• A Divorce

• Retirement

• Grief

• Deployment